Easter Sunday 2021

Easter Sunday seemed to be an appropriate service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and for many their journey back into church life, however that may look into the future. Hats off to all those at Orsett for the sterling work to make the service possible and to Sue for making it feel normal in these continuing bizarre times,… Read More

Mothering Sunday ~ 14th March 2021

On Mothering Sunday we hosted a service on Zoom. It was a joyful and also thought provoking service. We thought about the Mother Church being the largest Church in the area at which people historically worshipped on Mothering Sunday, we gave thanks for earthly mothers or those who have cared for us and we considered the mothering characteristics of Jesus.… Read More

Glowstick Services

The Christingle services are a popular event during Advent, but as with many things in 2020 just not possible in the usual format.

So 2020 meant an outdoor glowstick service in the Benefice churchyards, with attendees socially distanced.  Being December the weather was seasonally inclement, but it didn’t deter some hardy souls turning out, as seen in these photos from Bulphan.… Read More