Holiday Club : The Creation Story – Orsett Church

On Saturday July 30th 10 young people from across the parish came to our holiday club based on the Creation story.

The children first watched a short video about the creation story after which they carried out activities to demonstrate each of the 7 days God took to create the world ;

cutting shapes from white paper and sticking them on black card to give night and day, separating the sea and sky;

making flowers and a globe,

using paper plate to show the seasons by drawing and colouring trees as they change throughout the year,

make animals that swim or fly from plasticine,

decorating gingerbread men (Adam and Eve)

ending with the Sabbath when they wrote prayers. 

There was also a ‘banner’ made up of drawings the children associated with the Creation story, which they added to as the club went on.

On the following day, Sunday July 31st at 4pm a service was held for the children to show and talk about to their family what they had done, as each part of the story was read out interspersed with hymns and songs, finishing with the prayers they had written.

This was followed by pizza, cake and gingerbread men.