TWINNED TOILETS – Horndon, Orsett & Bulphan

We all take our toilets, having clean water on tap, along with the associated hygiene for granted. For one third of the 7 billion people across the globe this is not the case.Toilet twinning is a scheme whereby people can, for a £60 donation, twin their toilet with one in a poor community anywhere in the world to enable them to build a basic toilet,… Read More


On Sunday 14th June at the Family Service in Orsett members of the congregation were invited to write inspirational biblical/religious messages on stones (and turn them into “God Rocks”) they may say to someone, who was going through a tough time to let them know God is there for them no matter what, in as few words as possible to fit on their stone.The idea was to then leave their stones in places for people find and maybe help them find some peace or reflection in the message that God cares regardless of their circumstances.Below are some pictures of one left for people to find… Read More

FOREST CHURCH, Bulphan, Sat 01 May

On Saturday 1st May, we gathered around a fire in Bulphan Churchyard for Forest Church. It was great to be able to meet again. We thought about St George and his fight against evil. We made swords which, upturned, became crosses and reflected upon the demons we fight in our own lives but how, with God’s strength we can overcome them and we listened to two short passages from the Message Version of the Bible.… Read More