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Messy Church : Horndon School – 11th March

The theme for this session was based on the story of the woman who was going to be stoned for committing adultery and Jesus being tested while he wrote in the sand followed by his question to the gathering crowd of “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone”.   This effectively gave the woman a second chance, as those preparing to do the stoning left.

The children did several activities ; they gave things a second chance recycling tins and cups and making them into desk-tidies ; they decorated biscuits with emoji faces to show the emotions of those at the stoning; wrote messages in the sand about Jesus’ thoughts and made woollen bracelets for a friend to express love for each other and the love of God. They also did the Big God Question – which has been used at all Messy Church sessions.

Youth Hub Quiz Night

Our quiz night – in support of the Youth HUB – was a great success…

A successful event with 8 teams including one from the Youth HUB.

The winning team on the night had two members who had birthdays that day, so a good night for them, walking away with a selection of wine and Easter Eggs.  The Youth HUB came last and were rewarded with lollipops for their efforts, however they got the highest score for the second marathon round with solving 22 out of 25 of Disney film anagrams

The evening raised £400 for youth activities.  A very big thank you to everyone who attended…

World Day of Prayer

The World Day of Prayer Service held at the Zion Chapel in Bulphan on Friday 1st March.

It was prepared this year by the Christian women of Slovenia and based on the story in Luke’s Gospel of the great feast…”Come,everything is ready”.

Much was learnt about life in Slovenia both secular and sacred. Challenges given, prayers and inspiring songs and to finish a feast and fellowship to enjoy.

Messy Church : Orsett School – Monday 14th January

Messy Church started its Spring term on January 14th at Orsett School.

The theme this time was looking at Passover and how every year Jesus would go from Nazareth to Jerusalem with his parents for Passover.

When Jesus was 12 years old, the family, which would have been the whole family and neighbours, went as usual. When Joseph and Mary finished their worship in the temple, they left Jerusalem, but Jesus had stayed behind, but they didn’t know Jesus wasn’t with them!. When they couldn’t find him, after a day of travelling, Mary and Joseph started looking for Jesus.  When they couldn’t find him in the travelling party they went back to Jerusalem to look for him and after 3 days of searching they found Jesus in the temple! He was sitting with the teachers and was asking questions and listening to their answers. When they asked Jesus why he had done this, Jesus answered them saying ‘Why are you looking for Me? Don’t you know that I would be doing My Father’s business? They didn’t really understand the answer, but as Jesus grew up, Mary remembered it.

During Messy Church the children looked at the food eaten during Passover and how special plates with 6 ‘holes’ are used. They also looked at places and things that are special to them, in the same way the Temple was special to Jesus. The children had a map and put the places that are important to them and made heraldic shields with the things they had picked as important to them.

The session finished with a shared meal.

Young Enthusiastic Service – Bulphan 13 JAN 19

Sunday 13th January saw the Benefice’s youth HUB take charge of Bulphan’s Family Service, for a Young Enthusiastic Service – YES.

The theme of their service was Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians.

The service was led by sisters Ella and Evie, two young members of Bulphan Church.

Paul was a prolific writer of letters to several communities which are found in The New Testament, however what isn’t recorded is the thoughts and reactions of the communities to these letters. This is what the Youth HUB explored and delivered the service reading on, taking the parts of Corinthians discussing why this man was sending them letters which were effectively instructions on how to live their lives, what it meant to them as a community and why or should they take any notice of his him. Many of the congregation praised them for their thought provoking service and the obvious effort they had put in, as they had written their parts as Corinthians and the prayers.

After the service they enjoyed the breakfast that is a feature of Bulphan’s Family Service.

Once they had sampled Bulphan’s breakfast, the group went bowling, followed by pizza for lunch and watching a Harry Potter film in the home of one of the group leaders’.

The next YES will be at an Orsett Family Service on Sunday 13th October

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Messy Church – Success in the 1st Term

We have now held an afterschool Messy Church in each of the three primary schools this term, which have been a real success, with the children exploring a religious theme and making something to help them understand it and a shared meal.

The most recent was on Monday 12th November in Horndon where the children were looking at  ‘Christ is The Light’ as the theme and made decorated jam jar lanterns and candle images.

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Thurrock & Havering Male Voice Choir concert

The evening of Saturday 24th November was a treat for those with love of choir singing when Thurrock & Havering Male Voice Choir held a concert in Horndon Church, who were joined by Sonia Ward adding her vocal talents to the proceedings.

The evening was an enjoyable and resounding success raising about £700 for Horndon Church.

75th Anniversary of B17 mid-air crash

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On Sunday 26th September 1943 inhabitants of Bulphan and West Horndon witnessed the tragic accident of two USAF B17 “Flying Fortress’ bombers the “Dorsal Queen” and  “Raunchy Wolf”, colliding in mid-air and crashing near Dillingham Hall Farm and Notti’s Farm resulting in the deaths of all but one of the crews.  The sole survivor was the Dorsal Queen’s tail gunner, Sgt John Adams.

On Saturday 22nd September a service of commemoration, thanksgiving and remembrance was held at St Mary’s, Bulphan to mark the 75th Anniversary of this accident.  Present were Lieutenant Colonel Jim Gringras (assistant Air Attaché US Embassy) and family, Lieutenant Colonel Ian Slazinik (Officer Commanding 100th Air Refuelling Wing, RAF Mildenhall) and family, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Essex Mr Stephen Bennett and his wife, Councillor Barbara Rice (Mayor of Thurrock) and Councillor Sheila Murphy (Mayor of Brentwood).  Also present was the Chairman of Thurrock Branch Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) Mr Jim Gooding who himself served as a tail gunner on Lancaster’s in WW2, flying from RAF Mildenhall, as well as members of RAFA, RBL and other interested groups.  The Base Honour Guard from RAF Mildenhall also attended.  The service was conducted by Reverend Sue Mann Rector of the Benefice of Orsett, Bulphan and Horndon on the Hill, with the address and blessing made by the Venerable Mike Lodge, Archdeacon of Southend, Mr Stephen Bennett DL read the lesson and Lt Col Gringras and Lt Col Slazinik read the names of the crews.

Janet McCheynne relayed her mother’s memories of the incident and how Sgt Adams came to their door, although injured and somewhat shaken was largely OK after his ordeal.  It was mentioned that Sgt Adams never flew again after this.

Wreaths were laid by Lt Col Gringras and Lt Col Slazinik on behalf of the United States Air Force and Mr Jim Gooding on behalf of RAFA, during the Act of Remembrance.

Jane Bennett (of Bennett funeral services) presented framed a framed Roll of Honour Lt Col Gringras, Lt Col Slazinik, Cllr Rice and Cllr Murphy.

The ladies of Bulphan WI provided refreshments after the service.

Bradwell away day 2018

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Bishop’s 1st Service in the Benefice

On Sunday 2nd September we were pleased to welcome the new Bishop of Bradwell, Bishop John Perumbalath who came to lead his first service in the Benefice at the United Benefice service in Orsett.

At the end of the service it was announced by Sue that Canon Glyn Jones was stepping down from officiating in church services. The Bishop presented Glyn with a gift from the three churches of the Benefice.   Glyn has served the Benefice for many years, bringing his rich wealth of experience and wisdom. We all wish Glyn a happy retirement … if clergy ever really retire!

Youth HUB – Summer BBQ

It might have been the World Cup Final but that didn’t stop members of the Youth HUB from enjoying an afternoon of games and food (and keeping an eye on the score) at the Rectory.

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Thanks to Phil for his endeavours in the kitchen to keep the young people sustained through their exertions on a warm Sunday afternoon.

The Youth HUB next meeting at 4pm on Sunday September 16th at The Churches Centre in Orsett.

Horndon Feast & Fayre – Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June

This year the theme was the end of WW1 and as ever those who took responsibility for flower displays based on the theme made the church look wonderful.

The weekend which coincides with our church’s patronal festival, opened with a service in the church, where we had the seldom heard Horndon School Choir sing a wonderful song.

We had a display outlining the lives that people experienced during WW1 and after and included the 1911 Census and April 1920 Electoral Roll for Horndon to give people an opportunity to look up any ancestors from the period.

There was a marvellous range of musicians throughout the weekend to keep people entertained when they came into the church, while they sat and drank and ate their purchases of tea, coffee, cakes, sandwiches and savouries.

Outside in the church grounds Horndon Branch Royal British Legion and Thurrock Foodbank had stalls to raise funds and awareness, members of the congregation and their families were running a number of fundraising stalls and for the first time we had an area for families to sit and maybe enjoy some food, which included some games and activities for young children. This did seem to be well received as there are few places for people, especially those with smaller children, to sit away from hub bub. The games and activities were kindly paid for by the Feast and Fayre as part of the overall entertainment for the event.

We would like to thank all who came into the church and bought a cup of tea or cake, or spent some money on one of the stalls or just left a donation. Your generosity meant we raised over £2000. Thank you.

This was inspite of England’s world cup match on the Sunday.

The Bishop moves in

The new Bishop of Bradwell (Dr John Perumbalath) and his family took up residence at The Bishop’s House, Orsett Road, Horndon on Tuesday 17th July.

Sonia Ward (Churchwarden Horndon) took a welcoming gift of a basket of Horndon related items, which she said was welcomed warmly, as was she.

We look forward to seeing Bishop John and his family around the village and look forward to him conducting the United Benefice service at Orsett on Sunday 2nd September.

Youth HUB @ SOLID Festival – 6th to 8th July 2018, Stubbers Activity Centre

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Ten young people and 4 not so young attended the 2018 Solid Festival at Stubbers Activity Centre near Upminster over the weekend of Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July.
The majority of those attending camped over the weekend enjoying a variety of activities in the very warm sunshine.

New Bishop of Bradwell announced

The successor to Bishop John Wraw who sadly passed away in July 2017 has been announced.

The Venerable Dr John Perumbalath currently Archdeacon of Barking was announced as Bishop Designate on March 9th.  His consecration at St Paul’s Cathedral is planned for July 3rd.

We look forward to welcoming him and his family to the Benefice.



The 3rd Sunday of the month is Horndon’s Family Service and the December one was a treat, a Young Enthusiastic Service (or Y E S) organised and run by the young people from the Youth HUB. These young people guided us through the service in a refreshing way and we were treated to an interpretation of the Nativity through the eyes of the animals; donkey, camels, sheep and a mouse.  Mice are not usually mentioned, but their home in the manger was being taken over … by a baby!!

This was quite an innovative perspective and made you think about the way we just expect animals to do things or just be there, without appreciating them and how our actions might affect them.

The young people will be coming to a church near you.  If don’t normally attend the Family Service, or, you do not come to church very often, it would be worth the effort to appreciate the time and effort they have put in.

They are the future of our 3 churches and fully deserve all of our support, as do the adults who turn up for Youth Hub meetings to guide and assist.

It was thought it only right that they had a treat afterwards.   We took them to Hollywood Bowl so they could chill out.   After going to Hollywood Bowl we all came back, and the children and adults settled down together to indulge in a meal of pizza, wedges and cheesecake.

Kidz K’nexion – David and Goliath

Sixteen children from across Benefice gathered for the latest David and Goliath themed Kidz K’nexion at the Churches’ Centre in Orsett on Tuesday 24th October.
As ever the format was making, singing and playing, topped off with lunch.
The children decorated David and Goliath pictures in a mosaic style that will be displayed in each of the 3 churches in the Benefice and the Churches’ Centre, they also made some rocks – chocolate rice krispie cakes, sheep name badges. Janet McCheyne oversaw the making of David and Goliath musical instruments from old squash and soft drink bottles and used these when Janet McCheyne lead the singing. Christine Mortimer split the children into Philistines and Israelites to tell the story and cheer their champions on in the fight, which resulted in Goliath being slayed by David.
There was a hoop-la game where the children made hoops made from newspaper and attempted to get them on Goliath’s nose.

Thank you to all those who helped.

Keep an eye on school newsletters for details of the next Kidz K’nexion.