The 3rd Sunday of the month is Horndon’s Family Service and the December one was a treat, a Young Enthusiastic Service (or Y E S) organised and run by the young people from the Youth HUB. These young people guided us through the service in a refreshing way and we were treated to an interpretation of the Nativity through the eyes of the animals; donkey, camels, sheep and a mouse.  Mice are not usually mentioned, but their home in the manger was being taken over … by a baby!!

This was quite an innovative perspective and made you think about the way we just expect animals to do things or just be there, without appreciating them and how our actions might affect them.

The young people will be coming to a church near you.  If don’t normally attend the Family Service, or, you do not come to church very often, it would be worth the effort to appreciate the time and effort they have put in.

They are the future of our 3 churches and fully deserve all of our support, as do the adults who turn up for Youth Hub meetings to guide and assist.

It was thought it only right that they had a treat afterwards.   We took them to Hollywood Bowl so they could chill out.   After going to Hollywood Bowl we all came back, and the children and adults settled down together to indulge in a meal of pizza, wedges and cheesecake.