Moji – Ordained Priest & first Communion

Saturday 1st October was a major moment in Moji Jaiyesimi’s clerical life as it was the day she was Ordained as a Priest having successfully completed her year as a Deacon and served her “apprenticeship” as a Curate in the Parish.

Moji joined 4 other Ordinands at St Andrew’s in Basildon to be ordained priest by Bishop of Bradwell Dr John Perumbalath.

Now Ordained, Moji can take all day to day services that churches offer.

After the service Moji surprised us with a veritable feast, od sausage rolls, filled rolls, cake, fruit, crisps and drink, which we were assured in the Nigerian tradition of sharing food and ensuring everyone is well fed

Sunday 2nd October Moji undertook her first Communion service at Orsett. It seems to be something of a tradition that the first service a newly Ordained priest to preside over is a communion where for the first time they say the Eucharistic prayer and preparing the elements, bread and wine for communicants to take. Until ordained as a priest this is the service that they can only assist with.  Needless to say that Moji got through this with no problems and now can fully assist Sue and Max, taking more services and help share the load.

After the service it was the congregation’s time to show it’s love for Moji with plentiful refreshments including a splendid, decorated cake and the presentation of a travelling Communion set.  Which we are certain will be most useful.