Young Enthusiastic Service – Bulphan 13 JAN 19

Sunday 13th January saw the Benefice’s youth HUB take charge of Bulphan’s Family Service, for a Young Enthusiastic Service – YES.

The theme of their service was Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians.

The service was led by sisters Ella and Evie, two young members of Bulphan Church.

Paul was a prolific writer of letters to several communities which are found in The New Testament, however what isn’t recorded is the thoughts and reactions of the communities to these letters. This is what the Youth HUB explored and delivered the service reading on, taking the parts of Corinthians discussing why this man was sending them letters which were effectively instructions on how to live their lives, what it meant to them as a community and why or should they take any notice of his him. Many of the congregation praised them for their thought provoking service and the obvious effort they had put in, as they had written their parts as Corinthians and the prayers.

After the service they enjoyed the breakfast that is a feature of Bulphan’s Family Service.

Once they had sampled Bulphan’s breakfast, the group went bowling, followed by pizza for lunch and watching a Harry Potter film in the home of one of the group leaders’.

The next YES will be at an Orsett Family Service on Sunday 13th October