Sue Mann

22nd May 2020

Dear All,

I hope you are well. I have seen a few more of you since the lockdown restrictions have been slightly relaxed.

Although Ascension Day was on Thursday 21st May, we are celebrating it on Sunday 24th May. Do remember that Ascension Day marked the beginning of the global prayer initiative, Thy Kingdom Come, which takes place between 21st and 31st May,  during which period we are encouraged to pray for  people we know, to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Now we are out of the Easter Season, we will return to Morning Prayer for Ordinary Time. Those of you who receive this letter by post will have received Morning and Evening Prayer for Ordinary Time when the lockdown began and, for those of you who receive this letter by email, you should have also got the new version of Morning Prayer attached to your email.

The Lectionary Readings for the coming week are:

DayMorning PrayerEvening Prayer
Monday 25th May The Venerable BedeNumbers 22 1-35 Luke  7 36-endDeuteronomy 31 1-13 1 John  2 18-end
Tuesday 26th May Augustine ArchbishopNumbers 22 36- 23 -12 Luke 8 1-15Deuteronomy  31n14-29 1John 3 1-10
Wednesday 27th MayNumbers 23 13-end Luke 8 16-25Deuteronomy 31 30 – 32- 14 1 John 3 11-end
Thursday 28th  May Lanfranc Monk ArchbishopNumbers 24 Luke 8 26-39 Deuteronomy 32 15-47 1 John 4 1-6
Friday 29th MayNumbers 27 12-end Luke 8 40-endDeuteronomy 33 1 John 4 7-end
Saturday 30th May Josephine Butler Social ReformerNumbers 32 1-27 Luke  9 1-17Deuteronomy 16 9-15 John 15 26- 16-5

Thank you for your continued support of the foodbank. This week they need tinned peas, packet mashed potato, tinned carrots, tea bags, tinned potatoes, cordial (squash), custard and rice pudding. The foodbank are thankful for the blessings  they have received in donations of food and money and they request prayers for their volunteers and their continued good health and, of course, prayers for their clients and their situations, each of them known to God.

Please also continue to pray for Roy and Lyn (H), Dave (H), Steve (O), Steve, (H),  and also the Anderson Family, and the family of Jazz, following their recent bereavements, as well as the many others that have lost loved family members and friends over the past few weeks.

Prayer needs, further afield, include the homeless, following the Government’s recent decision to  cut the additional funding they  provided at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. Please also continue to pray for those affected by the cyclone in India and Bangladesh and the families of those killed or injured as a result of the Pakistan Airline plane crash and, of course, an easing of the tensions between Hong Kong and China.

Following Boris Johnson’s talk a couple of weeks ago, there has been a lot of speculation regarding churches and when we might return to worship in our buildings. Although it has been said this may take place at the beginning of July, and that small weddings may even be allowed from the beginning of June, there has been no official guidance from the Church of England yet, as they are reliant upon Government advice. All I do know is that Sarah Mullally, the Bishop of London, who is part of the working committee to discuss this, has stated that church worship is unlikely to return to normal  for some time. However, I will wait  to receive specific guidance from the Church of England, before I impart any information!

Don’t forget our online Sunday service at 10am at

Please do let me know of any other prayer and pastoral needs and I look forward to hearing from you or maybe seeing you, albeit at a distance, soon.

Take care and God bless,