Sue Mann

8th July 2022

I hope that you have all managed to have some time for rest and relaxation this summer. It is so important that we each charge our batteries physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We have had a few changes at church over the past few weeks. Ron Porter, Janet Wilkins and Jackie Wood have stepped down from their roles as wardens and they will, hopefully, now have a chance to recharge their batteries! We give grateful thanks to  them for all their years of service and we welcome Christine and David Mortimer, who have kindly taken on the role of wardens with primary responsibility for Orsett.  

This August, as we plan for the start of the new academic year in September, you might like to consider joining us on our Alpha Course as a way of recharging your spiritual batteries. The Alpha Course provides an opportunity to explore the Christian Faith in a relaxed atmosphere. Its website says:

‘We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore faith, ask questions and share their point of view.

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe and everyone is welcome. It runs online, in cafés, churches, universities, homes—you name it! No two Alphas look the same, but they generally have three key things in common: hospitality, a talk and good conversation.

The Alpha video talks are designed to engage people from all walks of life and inspire conversation. They explore the big issues of life and faith and unpack the basics of Christian belief, addressing questions like “Who is Jesus?”, “Why and how do I pray?” and “How does God guide us?”

The discussion time is an opportunity for people to respond to the talk, hear from others and contribute their own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.’

Our Alpha Course will run for 11 weeks, starting on Thursday 8th September at 7.15pm in the Woolmarket on the High Road in Horndon-on-the-Hill. It will begin with cake and refreshments. All are welcome. If you are interested, please do put your name and contact details on the sign-up sheet at the back of church or drop me an email at And, if you would like to find out more about the Alpha Course, in the meantime, you can go to

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care and God bless,