Sue Mann

18th November 2021

For Christians, the time before Christmas which we call Advent, is a time to prepare for the coming of Christ. God prepared for the birth of Jesus through the words of the prophets, many of whom lived in simplicity to show that they were waiting for God to fulfil his promises. Mary and Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah, Anna and Simeon are examples of God’s faithful people who waited in joyful and humble trust.

As we prepare for the coming of Christ, I offer some prayers from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne which you might find helpful in your devotions as you prepare, this Advent, for the coming of Christ.

    Prepare my mind, merciful God, For the wonders of your mystery. Prepare my heart, loving God, For the joy of your presence. Prepare my spirit, awesome God, For the blessing of your wisdom.Jesus teach me how to love, how to live in your presence. Jesus teach me how to live, how to pray in your will. Jesus teach me how to pray, how to rest in your embrace. Jesus teach me how to rest, how to be in your world. Jesus teach me how to be, how to love your way.
Show me your ways, Teach me your paths, Grant me the courage To follow you Wherever you lead The faith to seek you, In all things In all places In all the people And the wisdom To accept That I need you.    May love be my reason And love my desire. May love be my purpose And love be my fire. May love be my burden And love be my strife. May love be my comfort and love be my life.
      Pause…breathe slowly… Invite God into the moment. Pause…breathe slowly… Listen to the whispers of the Spirit. Pause…breathe slowly… Follow the examples of Jesus  On the wars and rumours of wars, Shine your light. On the poor and the oppressed, Shine your light On the lies and the deceivers Shine your light On the disasters And terrible things, Shine your light. Lord, help me to serve. Lord, help me to be your light.  
Each day throughout Advent, write down three things. One thing that makes you feel joyful, one thing that you are thankful for and one thing that you are helpless about. Tell God about them. It may help to have three pebbles and a small cross. And as you think of the things, place them at the foot of the cross.  Shine your light on my path, May I follow your way. Shine your light on my darkness, May I know your love. Shine your light on my face, May I reflect your glory.

I look forward to seeing you over the Christmas period.

Take care and God bless,