Kidz K’nexion Plus

Kidz K’nexion Plus are activity, song and play – based events run in school holidays, aimed at children up to age 11.  Children can attend on their own, but children under 5 need to be accompanied by an adult.

They are linked to a Bible story, the Christian calendar or another aspect of Christian faith, but always with having fun at the centre of things.

Kidz K’nexion Plus rotates around the 3 parishes, but don’t let this put you off, if it’s not in your parish. You are welcome to attend Kidz K’nexion Plus in any of our  three parishes.

A small fee is charged to cover materials and food.

Kidz K’nexion Plus is generally run as a morning event and includes lunch.

Kidz K’nexion Plus are advertised in all three of the primary schools in the Benefice. And do look out for more info on the website…..