Kidz K’nexion

Kids K’nexion is a full, fun-filled friendly and fascinating non-formal session for children of all ages on Sunday morning, twice a month during the Parish Holy Communion services and the Morning Praise services. Kids K’nexion was previously Sunday school.

A warm welcome awaits children of all ages, including pre-school children with an accompanying parent/carer.

Various short inspiring and creative activities linked to a story/theme from the Bible fill our session where we share and value each other’s thoughts and experiences.

Our Kid’s K’Nexion sessions permit a variety of learning, discovery, art and craft activities. If you’ve experienced Messy Church, then you’ll find Kid’s K’Nexion is a miniature version of this, without the meal.

Children can enjoy and participate in Kid’s K’nexion sessions when there is a Morning Praise and a Parish Communion service in the church.

In the latter, the Communion Service, the Kid’s K’Nexion group (team leaders and children) leave shortly after it’s beginning, whereas with the Morning Praise Service, we enjoy the initial part of the service up to the sharing activity, before commencing a special children’s Sunday experience.

After all the fun, finding out about the Bible and arty creativity, we re-join the congregation in the church, where we have the opportunity to share with everyone what we’ve been doing.

We can’t wait to see you! You’ll be so glad you came to Kid’s K’Nexion – something special to do on a Sunday. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure!